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Lead: Greg Butler


Enzyme Tracking platform

The bioinformatics group has developed a platform for tracking the cloning and expression of target genes/proteins from various fungal species for several different fungal genomics projects.

Enzyme Literature platform

The group is developing a data warehouse of curated information about characterized fungal enzymes from the scientific literature. We are building a database of the genes and genomes of various species of fungi, as well as the enzyme families and the properties and applications for those proteins.

Group Members

Alexandre BeaudoinSoftware DeveloperConcordia University
Andrei WasylykSystem AdministratorConcordia University
David MasonSenior Systems DeveloperConcordia University
Greg ButlerCo-InvestigatorConcordia University
Laurent MackayResearch AssistantConcordia University
Min WuDatabase administratorConcordia University
Vahe ChahinianSoftware DeveloperConcordia University
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