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===Admin links===
===Admin links===
[[Form:Announcement|Add an Announcement]]
[[Form:Announcement|Add an Announcement]]
[[Dates of public release of genomes]]

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Title Bioinformatician
Institute Concordia University
Platform Data Analysis and Curation
User status active

Education - Physics, Biochemistry, Computer Science

Work experience - Biochemistry/Biophysics research, Bioinformatics, Genomics

Research interests - structure/function relationships of biomolecules, molecular recognition, and genome and proteome evolution

Bioinformatics interests - management of biological data and information, and extraction of knowledge from databases and the scientific literature.


  • bioinformatics
  • genomics
  • analysis of biological data
  • management of biological information
  • database design
  • development of custom databases

Admin links

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Dates of public release of genomes


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