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Lead: Nicholas O'Toole


The Data Analysis and Curation platform deals with the assembly and annotation of genomic and transcriptomic sequence data. We are developing integrated pipelines for sequence assembly, gene model prediction, gene annotation and gene curation aimed at the discovery of fungal enzymes of interest.

Group Members

Carol NyagaCuratorConcordia University
Christine KehyayanGraduate StudentConcordia University
Christoph SensenCo-InvestigatorUniversity of Calgary
Emmet O'BrienBioinformaticianConcordia University
Erin McDonnellCuratorConcordia University
Ian ReidBioinformaticianConcordia University
Marie-Jean MeursPostdoctoral FellowConcordia University
Minh NguyenResearch AssistantConcordia University
Nicholas O'TooleBioinformatics coordinatorConcordia University
Reza NourzadBioinformaticianUniversity of Calgary
Wendy FindlayBioinformaticianConcordia University
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