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Adrian TsangAjay BadhanAlexandre Beaudoin
Alexandre MontpetitAlexei SavchenkoAll People
Amorphotheca resinae genome releasedAmrit KaurAndrei Wasylyk
Annie BellemareAspergillus niger NRRL3 genome releasedAureobasidium pullulans genome released
Bill DoranBioinformaticsBiological pretreatment with a cellobiose dehydrogenase-deficient strain of Trametes versicolor enhances the biofuel potential of canola straw
Bo JinCalcarisporiella thermophila genome releasedCarol Nyaga
Catherine BourassaChaetomium thermophilum genome releasedChangbin Mao
Christina SawchynChristine KehyayanChristoph Sensen
Chy LamClaudia MoenCloning and Expression
Comparative Genomic Analysis of the Thermophilic Biomass-Degrading Fungi Myceliophthora thermophila and Thielavia terrestrisConcetta RestieriContact
Corinne DarmondCuration of characterized glycoside hydrolases of Fungal origin
Dag HalukData Analysis and CurationDates of public release of genomes
David SeckoDavid Taylor
Directed EvolutionEconomic, Environmental, Ethical, Legal and Social issuesEditing the wiki
Emily BrassEmmet O'BrienEnzyme Characterization
Enzymes of InterestErin McDonnellFatemeh Afkhami
Fueling the future with fungal genomicsFungal CultureFungal Genomes
Fungal Genomes - newFungal species of Interest
Gabriela CapurroGenozymes AGM 2010
Genozymes AGM 2011Genozymes AGM 2012Geoffrey Tobin
Greg ButlerHeather WalmsleyHolly Longstaff
Hong CuiIan ReidIngo Morgenstern
InvestigatorsIsolation of high-quality total RNA from rumen anaerobic bacteria and fungi, and subsequent detection of glycoside hydrolasesJean-Pierre Falgueyret
Josée VandalJuan LeyvaJustin Powlowski
Ken DewarLaurent MackayLetsian Song
Linda TaylorMagdalena Kolbusz
Main PageMalbranchea cinnamomea genome releasedMarcos Di Falco
Marianne DesautelsMarie-Claude MoisanMarie-Jean Meurs
Marie-Ève RivardMathieu LavalléeMichael Lowden
Michel SylvestreMin WuMinh Nguyen
Myceliophthora fergusii genome released (was Corynascus thermophilus)Myceliophthora sepedonium genome released (was Corynascus sepedonium)
Myriococcum thermophilum genome releasedNadeeza IshmaelNews
Nicholas O'TooleNoutcheka Saint-Felix
Pascale MarquisPatricia Hanney
PlatformsProject ManagementProtein Structure
ProteomicsPseudocercosporella herpotrichoides genome releasedPublications
Pulp and PaperQuy VoRajshree Patel
Rasamsonia byssochlamydoides genome released (was Paecilomyces byssochlamydoides)Research ProjectsResources
Reza NourzadRhizomucor pusillus genome releasedRobert Forster
Robert GruningerRoberta BrumRumens
SaccharificationSandboxSandra Brouillard
Sandrine MarqueteauScytalidium thermophilum genome released
SequencingSherry WuShirley Tran
Snapshot of the eukaryotic gene expression in muskoxen rumen - A metatranscriptomic approachSylvie LaboissiereTaxonomy Table for Fungal Genomes
Terry McIntyre
Thermoascus crustaceus genome released (was Thermoascus aurantiacus)Thermomyces dupontii genome released (was Talaromyces thermophilus)Thermomyces lanuginosus genome released
Thermomyces stellatus genome releasedThielavia australensis genome releasedTim McAllister
Trametes versicolor genome releasedTricia JohnVahe Chahinian
Vanessa BlandfordWF admin page
Xiao ZhangXiaohui Xu
Yu LeiZhirun Yuan
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